We offer services in all areas of electronic document exchange – from improvement of existing IT infrastructure, system integration to business consultancy:

  • master data consulting – quality of communication with business partners, and then the bottom line profit is influenced by the quality of product data. These information is often out of date and stored in fragments across different IT systems in company. This in term results in erroneous data being transmitted to business partners, which inevitably increases cost. In Business Technologies, we have more that 13 years of experience in developing complex business solutions.
    Using a master data management system has numerous benefits. For example, a lower error rate and up to 23% less returned goods, ordering items improved by 50% and 25% less time spent searching for information.

    When we integrate our solution into existing client’s IT systems, we take a great care to first understand existing processes, to make appropriate suggestions for changes or introduction of new software. As a best practice, it is usually best to keep master data at a single location which server a sa service for trustful data. Depending on your needs, we can organize complete integration of your supply chain – either using direct connections to business partners or going through some international exchange network, such as GDSN (global data synchronization network).

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    electronic business – exchanging business documents electronically is cheaper, faster and more reliable than traditional “paper based” exchange. It is quickly becoming standard for business document exchange throughout the world. We offer analysis of your existing IT systems, and propose optimal solutions.

    Electronic data exchange is only effective if the data you exchange is accurate. Otherwise, electronic data exchange causes additional costs.

    Our team consists of experts with many years of hands-on experience with working with EDI and master data projects. Our proven track record is backed up by satisfied customers. Many of our experts actively participate in global standardization and EDI bodies, thus actively shaping the future of EDI standards, while being at the source of action so we can provide our customers with most up-to-date information.
    Once we make a suggestion, we will give you all the relevant arguments and show you examples of similar solutions. We will try to incorporate solution as much as possible into your current IT landscape. Otherwise we will suggest a roadmap which will make transition to new system easiest for your workers.