Master data

GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) is an automated, standardized system for safe and continuous synchronization of master data.

Automated synchronization guarantees that all trading partners have in their systems accurate and reliable data about items they are trading with.

GDSN is comprised of companies from around the world. It is used by all of the participants of the supply chain:

  • Retailers to whom correct master data enables better warehouse organization,
  • Producers who need to publish data only once and in one format,
  • Shipping agents who can better organize transport,
  • Distributors who can easier localize data and reduce possibility of errors in contact with end users.

By connecting their IT systems to GDSN producers and retailers can exchange data simpler and more reliable. Geographical position of partner is no longer relevant, so it is common to exchange data with a supplier from China and retailer from Germany.

The purpose of GDSN is to facilitate easier communication between business partners from around the world, allowing for significant savings thanks to reduced number of communication errors and optimized organization of products during the transportation and storage.

GDSN is constantly growing. From original 200 connected partners in 2005, it now has over 25,000 registered companies with over 10,000,000 products.