GS1 solutions

GS1, the global standardization organization, develops and maintains many standards aimed at streamlining the supply chain. With our long experience and active participation in many of GS1 bodies, we can help your organization pick right standards for your specific needs.

Accurate and consequently reliable master data is the corner stone of electronic exchange of documents.

In order to get the most of EDI, trading partners need to trust each others’ product data. Incorrect weight of pallet can result in broken shelves and lost goods.

Global data synchronization network (GDSN) provides a standardized and secure medium for master data synchronization.

Data is exchanged through a series of specially certified entities that guarantee its accuracy and safe delivery. As a small company, we can now proudly claim design and certification of two such entities.

In addition to the GDSN, there are other GS1 standards that offer means of exchanging data with mobile applications, exchange of business trade documents, exchange of facility data, classifications, traceability solutions and other business related document management.