Mainpac EAM is a world class enterprise asset management system,owned and developed by Mainpac Pty Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers of Enterprise Asset Management Systems. Business Technologies is authorised dealer and regional support for Mainpac in East Europe and Middle East. Enterprise asset management system helps maintain machines and other assets at the highest sustainable level of efficiency, reduces  work hours and costs associated with breakdown maintenance (fixing the broken assets), implements planed and preventive maintenance, assign’s qualified workers for maintenance and inspection tasks, track’s procurement and spare parts and materials in order to reduce urgent freight premiums and stoppages caused by missing parts, enables monitoring of all the costs connected to asset management. Along the financial data users can simply read the information about the quality of acquired parts and performed maintenances

Who can benefit from using Mainpac EAM?

Any organization with machines or equipment can benefit from using Mainpac EAM system. Mainpac EAM is today in usage throughout the world. Ports and terminals from Australia to USA, gold mines in Africa, food factories, power plants, national parks.

What are the expected advantages of using Mainpac EAM?
  • efficiently manage existing machines, tools and other assets
  • maintains critical assets at the peek efficiency
  • through the simple user interface each user, whether manager or foreman, can quickly access only relevant data
  • track work force assigned to asset management, issues work orders based on availability and certification status of workers and tracks task completion status.
  • monitors status of equipment – amount of oil in reservoir, number of miles traveled, tonnage lifted… If the equipment supports it, these tasks can be fully automated, without the need for user reads.
  • automates procurement of spare parts and tracks inventory levels throughout the organization. Helps plan acquisition of new equipment and parts.


The most expensive machines are the ones that do not work!

Poorly maintained equipment uses full amount of resources, but produces only fraction of expected capacity. Research shows that unmaintained air-conditioning unit after one year cools with only 60% of capacity, but still uses the same amount of energy as those that work with full capacity. 40% of money spent on energy is literally being thrown in the wind.