• Product Information Management system designed to synchronize product data with trading partners
  • cerntral repository of product data and single source of truth for all master data in organization.

Advantage No. 1 – exchange of electronic documents without any intermediaries or fees

Companies that use EDI usually do it through some external provider, which then charges them for each document conversion and transmission. Other companies still use paper invoices, orders, dispatch advices, and pay postage on them.

Implementing SyncGUIDE™ Product Information Management (PIM) system, these costs are simply eliminated! SyncGUIDE™ will connect local ERP system of a company with all it’s trading partners (directly, through VAN providers, through specialized networks), so that the documents flow directly to the recipients. For incoming documents, SyncGUIDE™ does all of the conversions. Users in the company can continue to work with ERP that they are accustomed to. so impact on their wirk experience is minimal.

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Advantage No. 2 – Machine-to-machine synchronization of current and accurate product data


Product data (technical characteristics, dimensions, ingredients, packaging information) is often fragmented through many organizational units within a company. They are often stored in different IT systems, repeated – more or less consistently – on several places, and, oftentimes, mutually contradictory. Providing trading partners with accurate product data becomes a real nightmare for people who need to collect it.


  • Retail
  • Food and beverage producers
  • Apparel industry
  • Electronic retail
  • General stores
  • Healthcare
  • Transport and logistics

Effective management of product data (Master Data Management) is an important part of streamlining business processes in companies. SyncGUIDE is the comprehensive, certified system for managing product master data and all Product Information Management (PIM). SyncGUIDE manages both products produced within organization as well as products from other producers. Within organization, all relevant IT systems can be connected to SyncGUIDE, which then acts as a single source of truth about product data. Synchronization with external partners is done in a safe, secure way directly from one IT system to another, without any need for worker interaction, regardless if the connections are made directly, through VAN providers or over global network, such as GDSN.

This comprehensive data can then be used to produce sales materials, printed catalogues, exchange with trading partners and so on. Our newsletter has more information about SyncGUIDE, while the info graphic explains in more details how the system works.

Installation and security

SyncGuide can be deployed locally or in the cloud. For cloud deployment it is enough to register at Regardless of the deployment type you choose, you can be sure that your data is maximally protected. Data is stored in your localt IT infrastructure, while all messages are transmitted encrypted and digitally signed.