Web shops

If you happen to be seating alone in your shop, wandering where are your customers, you might be surprised to learn how many of them have already succumbed to the charm of your competitors web shops.

Web shops, or Internet stores are around for quite a long time, but they really took of in the last couple of years. It seams that every kind of good is now more accessible by Internet shop than by going to a real store.

Why would you even consider opening a web shop?

  • You can actually have 24/7 working hours
  • No salesmen required to mind the shop
  • No rent and other location related expenses
  • Your customer base increases exponentially – you are no longer selling to your street or your city, but to entire world with access to Internet
  • Your web shop is linked directly to your ERP or accounting software, so there is no need to manually retype orders
  • After the initial manufacturing, your personal engagement in the running of the web shop is minimal

Yes, nice, but…

  • I don’t have the warehouse big enough – it is OK, your web shop can only be intermediary between producers and customers. Many producers today support so called drop-shipping, where they send their goods directly to your customers, thus reducing shipping costs.
  • Are my financial data safe? And what about the financial data of my customers? – financial transactions and data on Internet is today almost 100% safe. Your customers data aren’t even stored in your web shop, and, thus, not your responsibility. Payment authorization is done over the large international payment agents (PayPal, Moneybookers)

Business Technologies will develop a stylish and safe web shop that supports all kind of payment modes – credit cards, PayPAL, money orders, bank drafts – you are choosing, because you know your customers better than anybody. Quality of our design is guaranteed by our long term experience in web shop design and programming.


  • Our web shops are based on Magento Commerce platform – a de facto standard used by majority of Web shops in the world
  • Web shop can be customized to completely support your business process. Magento allows administration of several shop fronts through the same administrative interface
  • Web shop has integrated customer relationship management, product management, newsletters and sending of bulk messages to your customers
  • An example of a web shop that we can build for you can be found at: http://www.uljadirekt.com